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Garden Summer Houses, Log Cabins and Summer Buildings

We source the best garden summer buildings, summerhouses and log cabins in top quality timber to meet our demanding requirements only from selected quality companies. After 37 years in the business we know that value with quality is key. Use the links below to go DIRECT to the product range you are interested in. With garden summer houses, summerbuildings, log cabins and sun rooms you can be sure you will find the perfect building at the very best price. Our Ethos is Made to a Quality not Down to a Price

Platinum Summer Buildings
ALL Platinum Summer Houses
Nine Different Models & Styles
View Many at Our Display Site
Tanalised Treated

(Details of ALL Platinum Sun Rooms)

Diamond Summer Houses
Delightful Georgian Design
Opening Windows Included
Toughened Glass Windows
Free Assembly of Summer House

(Details of ALL Diamond Buildings)

Sapphire Summer Buildings
ALL Sapphire Summer Houses
Over Twelve Different Models
View Many at Our Display Site
FREE Assembly

(Details of ALL Sapphire Sun Rooms)

ALL Garden Offices Home Offices
ANY Size Made To Suit Your Home
Double Glazed Options
Optional Lined and Insulated
Toughened Glass Throughout

(Details of ALL Garden Offices)

Trentan Log Cabins
Wood Log Cabins
Many Different Models
Display Area for Log Cabins
Fully Double Glazed

(Details of ALL Trentan Log Cabins

ALL Corner Sun Rooms
Sizes 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9 & 10x10
Double Doors
Attractive Corner Design
Georgian or Classic Options

(ALL Corner Sun Rooms')

Summer Houses direct to your door from our Online store

Welcome to UK Summer Houses Online: your one-stop shop for summerhouses, sun rooms, corner summer houses and log cabins. We have been in the garden building industry since the 1970s and have gained a wealth of experience in the manufacture, delivery and installation of summer buildings for the garden throughout the UK. Since the late 1990s we have focused our attention on our burgeoning online retail stores and are widely accepted within the summer buildings industry as the leaders in innovatively designed summerhouses. We offer a massive range of sizes and styles as well as being able to say YES when you need s summerhouse to meet YOUR needs - all at the most competitive prices.

Makers of Summerhouses since 1979

Our background in summerhouse manufacturing, starting in 1979, gives us the know how about the quality of materials which should be used. Our Ethos is 'Make to a Standard - NOT down to a price'.

FREE Assembly of Summerhouses ***

Whilst respect from your peers feels good, what really matters to us is that you, the customer, are happy. We previously operated one of the UKs most renowned garden building manufacturers which was built from scratch on the back of customer recommendations and our belief that if something is worth doing then it is worth doing well. There is nothing harder to us than having to say no so we offer an on site FREE installation service for all summer houses, sun rooms, corner summerhouses ( *** and an optional service for log cabins) ALL our summer houses can be custom designed to suit your needs and desires. Call us for a chat today to see how we can solve your summer buildings problems.

If you are looking for garden sheds, sectional buildings or workshops then 1st Choice Leisure Buildings should be able to help. Their comprehensive range of top quality buildings will meet your needs in your garden. They have over 30 years experience in manufacturing and garden buildings sales to you can relax in the knowledge that they know what they are talking about. You may find cheaper garden sheds abut you won't find better made sheds or workshops and you won't find better value.

Introduction to Summer Houses Online

UK Summer Houses Online forms part of the 1st Choice Online group of websites which are operated by Robin, Molly and Craig Antill. Between them they boast 100 years experience in the garden building industry and have heard every question that there is to hear. Don't be afraid to call: "the only stupid question is the question never asked!" There are no huge call centres here so, every time that you pick up the phone, you can be assured of reaching one of us personally.

To ensure the best quality of product we only source summer houses and log cabins from the UK as the quality can be controlled and we avoid the cheap inferior imports available elsewhere - we do have a reputation to uphold. Having been involved in the manufacture of summer buildings ourselves we feel it is our duty to do our bit to keep British manufacturing alive whilst safeguarding the planet for our children. We know that many of our customers feel the same and we are proud to display the Union Flag for our summer houses, sun rooms and log cabins.

Our 32 years experience in the field has been based on the ethos 'Make to a standard and not Down to a Price' This means that we are one of the few who believes that quality is king

The history of Summer Houses Online

Summer Houses Online can trace its roots back to the seventies when, having spent a short while selling sheds made from packing cases, we realised these cheap shed building methods were wrong. We then formed a company which would go on to become one of the country's foremost manufacturers of summer houses and log cabins. A major part of our success since then would be attributed to our continual efforts to improve the experience for our customers. We expected quality products backed by top notch service as we went about our own lives so, when it came to our business, we made it our mission to offer a level of service that would exceed even our own high expectations.

Changes would come quickly with our arrival on the internet. Having become the very first British company to offer our summer buildings for sale online, we quickly identified the opportunity to improve our business by stepping back from manufacturing and focusing on selling a range of summer house from a select number of manufacturers.

Over the years we have continued to improve and have built our online presence to the point that our customers constantly report that we are the best. Whilst price is important we never lose sight of our roots: quality and service are everything.

Summer Houses Online today

Whilst other summer house companies seemingly devote all of their efforts to improving their Google ranking we remain true to our roots and spend our time and energy improving both our product line and our level of service. We think that is something best left to you and we, confident in the summer buildings that we are offering, are happy to provide you with all of the advice and information that you will need. We then leave you to make the decision whether we are right for you or not. We don't like them so we promise never to employ pushy salesmen: that's the beauty of having nothing to hide.

The stringent quality control procedures in place in all of our factories ensure that you receive a fantastic summer building whilst our buying power ensures that you receive it at a fantastic price. Couple that with our experience and installation service and you can be assured that you are getting the very best deal, no matter what headline price you see elsewhere. When comparing price always ensure that you are comparing 'like for like'.

Today we offer a full range of summer houses, sun houses, corner summerbuildings and log cabins backed by our 'never say no' attitude. Call us today for a chat or a no-obligation quotation!

Summer Houses Planning

If you need advice about planning then take a look on this government page or for more information about summerhouses then Wikipedia is a good place to look.

Delivery can be arranged on all our summerhouses within mainland England and Wales.
Not into DIY?  Let our installation team take care of assembling your new summer house which is FREE on all summerbuildings EXCEPT Log Cabins

Subframe Bases built for all Summerhouses in most of England and Wales
UK-Summer Houses take great care to ensure that our website is 100% secure

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